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Business Brokers in Sydney and NSW

Looking to sell your business? We can help.

Estia Business Brokers Sydney specialise in selling businesses. Our aim is to ensure your business is sold in a timely, confidential and financially satisfying manner.

See why hundreds of Sydney business owners have chosen to sell their business with us.

Why Sell With Estia Business Brokers Sydney?

Large Buyer Reach

We have a proven marketing approach to ensure your business is seen by as many buyers as possible. In addition, we have a database of qualified buyers.

Confidential Sale

We ensure your sale is conducted with the complete confidentiality. This means there will be no disturbances to the operations of your business.

Proven Results

We understand the Sydney market, and know how to get businesses sold. We have sold businesses in a range of industries and categories all over Sydney.

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  • Hundreds have chosen to sell their business with us
  • Your business sale will be treated with complete confidentiality

During our initial consultation, we will take the time to learn about your business, and understand its current position. This will enable us to formulate an appropriate way to sell your business, in terms of the price and its unique selling points.

Information About Selling Businesses

It is important to first make sure that selling is the right decision. You will need to plan ahead: talk with your accountant in necessary, and get the contract of sale prepared by your solicitor.

We strive to ensure a completely confidential sale. Your business broker will ensure all interested buyers sign a confidentiality agreement, which prevents them from informing other parties, or disturbing  your business. Buyers are also instructed not to speak to any employees.

We are specialists in selling small to medium sized businesses in Sydney. We have extensive experience with the Sydney market, and have sold businesses in a range of industries, including food & hospitality, retail, and services.

When selling with Estia Business Brokers Sydney, you will have your own dedicated business broker.  Your business broker will cater to your needs, and strive to achieve the best possible sale price, in a timely manner.

The Process of Selling a Business

1. Initial Meeting / Inspection: You will meet with your broker at the location of your business (a broker is legally to physically inspect the business prior to placing it on the market).

2. Supply of Business Information: Buyers want to see the financials of the business, so you will need to provide your broker with basic financial statements of your business (profit and loss, balance sheet).

3. Your Business Is Placed on the Market: Your business is ready to be placed on the market once you have provided the relevant information about your business. Your business will be marketed through various channels – including online and direct marketing.

4. Communicating and Negotiating with Buyer: When a buyer enquires about your business, we will provide them with the financial information you provided. If the buyer is further interested, an inspection is arranged for the buyer. Every prospective purchaser is required to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep the sale confidential).

5. Offer: Once a prospective purchaser has decided they are interested in acquiring the business, we proceed to offers and negotiations. Once an acquisition price has been agreed upon, the next step is the legal side of the sale (which your solicitor takes care of).

6. Finalized Sale: The contract of sale is signed once both parties have agreed to terms. Solicitors will take care of the rest of the process.

Navigating Through The Competitive Sydney Market

The Sydney market is very competitive. There are thousands of businesses on the market, yet not thousands of qualified buyers.

Our brokers understand that your business will be up against thousands of other businesses for sale in the market. This is why we aim to ensure we have as much information about your business as possible, to present it as accurately and attractively to potential buyers.