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How Much Is My Business Worth?

Are you wondering, “how much is my business worth?”. When looking to sell your business, there are many methods you can use to calculate the worth of your business. However, the suitability of a given method depends on the size of your business, and the industry in which it operates. Here are three popular models […]

How To Maximize Your Business’s Sale Price

When selling your business, there are two main goals: (1) To get your business sold, and (2) to maximize the sale price of your business. Finding potential buyers and advertising your business for sale is the first step. Once you find an interested buyer or buyers, the task is to mutually agree on a price […]

Due Diligence When Buying a Business

When buying a business, due diligence is the process of investigating your potential investment to confirm all the facts and claims made about the business. Conducting due diligence is the most important part of buying a business, for it is due diligence that will enable you to make the most informed decision as possible. What […]

Buying An Existing Business Vs Starting A New Business

Which is more viable: starting a business from the ground up, or buying an established business? This article highlights factors to consider when weighing up your options. Risk Involved The main reason investors and entrepreneurs opt to acquire an established business, rather than starting a new business, is that there is seemingly less financial risk […]

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Someone Offers To Buy Your Business

Fielding offers to sell your business is a delicate process, and if not approached cautiously and sensibly, it can result on a minimized sale price – or no sale at all. This article highlights three common mistakes to avoid when reviewing offers for the sale of your business. 1. You Don’t Have Take The First […]

Why Are Similar Businesses Priced Differently?

If you look around at all the different businesses for sale on the market – you will quickly find that businesses that seem similar have vastly different asking prices. In this article, we’ll outline why similar businesses for sale, are priced differently. 1. How Long Has The Business Been Established? A business that has been […]