Useful Links

Below are useful links for vendors & buyers

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the concepts of agency agreements, contracts, laws and deposits. These items will be heavily involved in the sale/purchase of business or property – and it’s important you understand as much as about these things.

Business For Sale

Sell your Business

Agency Agreement

This is the agreement you will sign with your chosen agent as a seller (vendor).

Contracts & Deposits

The link below outlines important aspects of contracts and deposits – info is useful for buyers.

Making An Offer

The link below outlines factors to consider when making an offer, and will familiarise you with processes.

Auction Laws

As a buyer at auction – it’s important to know your rights & obligations.


We are providing this information via these useful links as a way to educate and familiarise with buyers and sellers of important aspects of business and property sales.

Having a solid understanding of all relevant contract, agreements, laws and other information will ensure you are equipped with the knowledge as a buyer or seller.